Chief Executive Boards International provides CEOs and business owners with peer advisory boards
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h I had been involved in Chief Executive Boards long ago. I find it to be invaluable."

Vonne Linse
CEO, Director of Technology
Regal Technology Corporation


Want Less Work, More Money and More Time to Enjoy it?

Are you a successful business owner or CEO who wants more income, more fulfillment and more freedom?  If so, Chief Executive Boards International is the right place for you.  CEBI is an exclusive group of business owners, presidents and CEOs helping each other become more focused, effective and strategic.

What does Chief Executive Boards do?

Chief Executive Boards International provides its members a supportive, collaborative and confidential peer advisory community, focused on members helping members to achieve balance and success in their lives.


Our members hold each other to a set of Mutual Expectations that support their mutual success.

What Makes Us Different

 We believe that our members get the best advice and counsel from other experienced CEOs and business owners.  Our members are the hands-on advisors, willing to share their experiences, ideas and creativity with you. When we provide outside "expert" speakers, they are not there to sell themselves, but rather to advise you.

Everything you'll hear at a Chief Executive Boards meeting -- either local or national, is "from the trenches"  -- from another experienced CEO or business owner who has (usually recently) "been there, done that."   Your own think tank, available any time you need it.

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Why Does This Work?

What You Do

You arrive at a Chief Executive Boards meeting, expecting to both receive and contribute.  You "bring your own agenda", rather than hope that the "topic of the day" will be useful to you.  Other members of your CEO peer group will be bringing their own issues to be addressed and considered by you and other board members.  You come ready to assist them, as you also expect them to assist you.  Sometimes known as a "Mastermind Group", CEBI is truly a collaborative network of decades of experience at your disposal, just for the price of membership. 

Who Benefits?              What's Included?

Some interesting "lessons learned" and "best practices" from CEBI meetings are found on our blog:

Chief Executive Boards International provides CEOs and business owners with peer advisory boards  

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